What to expect -

Our goals at Once Upon A Time Ballet are to encourage an enjoyment of movement and to help your child to express themselves through the art form of storytelling, which is an age old tradition not only in ballet in many forms of culture.

Our classes are just for fun and we do not do performances, competitions or exams. There is no joining fee and children can wear their own favourite ballet outfit.
Parents are invited to come and watch a special in- class demonstration at the end of each term to help children develop their performance skills. 

Classes are inspired by The Royal Academy Of Dance's,'Dance to Your Own Tune', Pre-Primary and Primary Syllabus.


In the classes your child will -

Learn basic ballet positions

Work on gross motor skills

Learn how to be part of a group environment

Learn how to listen and follow instructions

Do basic stretches

Learn about different types of music and rhythms

Each week they will also participate in storytelling activities by  either -

Participating in a child led story adventures using dance movements 

Listening to a story read from a book and using as it as inspiration for learning dance movements

Expressing themselves creatively through music and movement


Class Times

       3.25pm - Swan (Age 3+)

4pm - Owls

Location - 
Allsorts Gym, Wyong

141 Alison Rd,
NSW 2259


All classes held at Wyong Milk Factory offer 10% discount for Allsorts Gym members. 

We are CREATIVE KIDS and ACTIVE KIDS providers.

If your child is 4.5yrs old ask us how you can use your voucher for our classes 

Click here for more information on Creative Kids or Active Kids Vouchers

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11.15am - Cygnets

11.45am - Swans


Location - 
Salvation Army Church

90 Minnamurra Rd,


NSW 2263



 $90 for 10 week term

(or calculated as $9 per class for the remainder of term if starting mid-term)



$120 for 10 week term
(or calculated as $12 per class for the remainder of term if starting mid-term)


Class Types

Cygnets - 
A 30 minute class for children aged 18m - 3.5yrs  
Parents can join in an
d attend this class if the child needs.
If older children still require parent support they are recommended to attend this class.
The class is based on the Royal Academy of Dance, 'Dance To Your Own Tune' Program. 

A 30 min class for children aged 3.5yrs - 6yrs
Children come to this class independently.
This class incorporates basic ballet movements, creative dance and incorporates elements of the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary Syllabus.

(Please note our Tuesday afternoon class is ages 3-5)

A 40 min class for children who are attending Kindy at school.
This class introduces the children to Barre work and incorporates elements of the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary Syllabus.
Each session is ended with a section of creative dance.